Cat or Kitten Sales Contract

This contract is between CHARLENE HIGH of MYKRO CORNISH REX, hereafter called Breeder, and
Telephone: ( ) ____________home, ( ) __________________work, hereafter called
buyers, concerning ______________________________________________ described below:
BIRTHDATE:______________ SEX:_________ REG. NO: __________________________
SOLD AS: PET:______ BREEDER:______ SHOW ALTER:______ SHOW:_______
TOTAL PRICE: $______________: Deposit: $____________ (Non Refundable)
BALANCE DUE: $_________________________: Final payment to be made by ____________ .


1. Breeder guarantees that the cat listed above is a purebred Cornish Rex Cat, with an accurate
pedigree, and is eligible for registration in The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA)
2. Breeder further guarantees that this animal is negative for FeLV and FIV at the time of leaving the
cattery, and in good health. The cat has been vaccinated at least twice against feline upper
respiratory diseases and free of internal parasites. And if purchased as a breeder is free from genetic
defects. There is no guarantee for kittens or cats when tested for Coronavirus as the test is not
specific to a single Coronavirus.
3. If purchased as a PET this kitten is guaranteed for the first 3 years against a GENETIC problem so
severe that it prevents the animal from living a normal life as a pet, i.e. HCM, Hip Dysplasia.
Upon receiving written proof of a diagnosis of HCM by a certified Veterinary Cardiologist,
the Buyer will receive a replacement with another kitten of equal quality as soon as available.
Buyer may keep the original cat. Breeder is not responsible for any vet bills incurred.
Buyer must provide a death certificate issued by a veterinarian in the event of a death in
order to qualify for a replacement kitten..
4. If, during the initial veterinarian visit (with-in 48 hours of receipt), a diagnosis of disease other than
stress-induced minor upper respiratory infection is made, Buyer agrees to provide a written report,
signed by the examining licensed veterinarian, including the diagnosis and all test results
the diagnosis is based on.

The Breeder has the right to request a second opinion from a Veterinarian of the Breeders choice,
at the Breeders expense. Upon confirmation the Breeder is obligated to pay for the treatment of the
diagnosed illness, up to 1/2 of the purchase price of the animal. The Buyer may, at his option and
within five days of the veterinary diagnosis elect to either a)cancel this contract and be refunded the
purchase price, or b) accept a replacement animal, when available. The Breeder may, at his option
and within the same five day period, elect to cancel this contract and refund the purchase price .
5. If Kitten is sold as Breeder/Show proves to be sterile from congenital or hereditary conditions,
the Breeder has the option of offering to the Buyer: a) upon altering of the original cat,
replacement with the next available equal quality cat or kitten; or b) refund the difference
between Breeder/Show and Show/Alter price. Show-Alter price is $1300.00.
(Sterility caused by an infectious agent is not covered by any guarantee.)

Please initial if in agreement,
____1.Buyer agrees to have the cat examined by their Veterinarian within 48 hrs of purchase,
and advise the Breeder of the results of the exam. Mindful that the stress induced in an animal
when going to a new home may cause symptoms of illness, including minor upper respiratory infection,
to appear in otherwise healthy animals.
____2.Buyer promises and warrants that this cat will be an INDOOR animal, not allowed to roam
freely outside. This animal will not be confined to a cage for extended periods of time.
____2a. Failure to comply with #2. will result in the voiding of any and all health guarantees on this cat.
____3.Under no circumstances will this cat ever be sold, leased, or given away to any pet shop,
Humane Shelter, research facility or similar facility. If for any reason this cat cannot be kept by the Buyer,
Mykro Cornish Rex Cattery will be notified PRIOR to any disposition being made of this cat.
____4.If at any time this cat is found to be ill, malnourished, abused, neglected, or loose unattended
outdoors, Buyer will surrender said cat to the Breeder unconditionally, with no refund of purchase price.
____5.If this cat is purchased for breeding, Buyer warrants that it will be bred ONLY to another
REGISTERED Cornish Rex Cat. Any offspring resulting from ANY mating to other than a registered
purebred Cornish Rex with breeding rights, shall not be eligible for registration,
and shall be given away to good homes, and not sold as Cornish Rex Cats or half Cornish Rex cats.
____6. This cat will not be euthanised for any reason other than a veterinary deemed emergency.
without buyers contacting the breeder FIRST.
____7. This cat will not be sold or given away "intact" without the Breeders express written permission.
____8.If this Kitten or cat is sold to a multi-cat Breeder or Show home, the cat must be isolated for a
period of 21 days in order for the health guarantee to be valid.
____9.If the cat is to be shipped by air, all costs of transportation, including Rabies vaccination &
USDA Health Certificate, for shipment, shall be born by the Buyer.

Breeder is not responsible for airline costs or errors, including handling.
Other Stipulations:_____________________________________________________________
Breeder is not liable for errors and/or mishandling on the part of the Buyer.
MEDICAL: This cat has been vaccinated against Panleukopenia ( feline distemper).
Rhinotracheitis. Calici Virus. Vaccines were given on :_______________ and _______________.
Brand used: ____________________________________________.

It is recommended that a rabies vaccine be given between 3 & 4 months and your Vet may also
want to vaccinate for Feline Leukemia Virus, but only if your cat is going to be in contact with
any other at risk cats. Please DO NOT give multiple vaccines to your cat on the same day.
Vaccinating for FIP is not recommended at this time.
____10. All sales are final after 48 hours. Refund or replacement is at the Breeders discretion.
____11. Buyer agrees that this contract will be bound by the laws of the State of North Carolina,
and any dispute regarding this contract will be settled in a North Carolina court.

BREEDER (s) :_____________________________________________ Date: ______________
BUYER(s) :________________________________________________ Date: _____________
BUYERS E-mail Address: _______________________