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Mykro's Nexus D.M.
D.M.means Distinguished Merit, an award given to registered females who have 5 or more GC or GP
"family album:
Welcome to our family website
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Here are a few pictures of our retired family members who have moved on to new homes...
Mykro's Taiga -
Taiga's home is in Finland
GC Mykro's Moirae
Best Cornish Rex 2009 CFA International
Now living in Russia
Mykro's Destiny now lives in Poland.
Minnie and Gobbler Isn't she gorgeous..and with the typical Cornish Rex personality of loving her people - living the good life in New Zealand
GC Godspeed Angelica of Mykro now lives in Michigan
GC, DW Mykro's Mystical Star of Glam-Rex
Isn't this a precious picture!! Look-Almost twins..
2017 Son's of GC Mykro's Marquesa X King Tut
Here is JYNX! Happily living a very spoiled life with Csilla. Soon though, just like Ammo below, she will have a new brother. OH OH  PAN
Then there is PAN... Boy does his human mother love to show him off!!
Ammo looks so comfortable here. Wait until Chelsea tells him about a new brother coming in a few months!!

He's a son of Daphne X King Tut AMMO...
OSCAR AND ROSE Oscar and Rose taking in the sunshine! Pippin on pillow Here is Pippin peeking out behind the pillows. Pippin is Jessie's grandson (Jessie's on the top of the page) and lives in NYC with Carol and family.
IN case you can't figure out what's going on, MJ and Trot are celebrating their birthday!!
Jessie gets a bath!
Isn't Willie gorgeous! Here is Willie at 3 yrs of age.

He is sharing his life with Gina Mancuso of Ohio.

AND, here is King Tut. Although the majority father of kittens on home and family page, he is now the happy pet of Judy and living the life of luxury in Buffalo, NY.
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